The Village Where Walkers are Welcome

How lovely it is, as a walker, to receive a positive welcome.DSCF0586

In my next blog, I’ll be describing a walk we did recently from the Yorkshire village of Thornton Steward to Jervaulx Abbey.

But I want to make this separate mention of the kindness of the local people with this special blog.

The Village Institute

Start from Thornton Steward and you’ll see notices welcoming ramblers to the village.

But more than that…

There’s a notice in the Village Institute, inviting ramblers to come inside to use the facilities and make themselves a hot drink, all for a modest contribution in their honesty box – profits used to maintain the building.

Thornton Steward Church

Walking further on we passed Danby Hall, where the public right of way runs right in front of the house.

Here too is a notice welcoming walkers.

In what seems to be an ever-increasingly selfish world, how grand it is to receive such a welcome.

It’s beautiful countryside too, with a variety of walks. Why not give it a go?

My blog on the walk to Jervaulx Abbey will follow soon.


Author: John Bainbridge

Rambler, hillwalker, stravaiger and trespasser, access campaigner. Novelist writing historical and period crime fiction.

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