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My next walking blog will be out later, describing our medieval pilgrimage walk from Richmond to Easby Abbey. A grand walk along the River Swale to see some of the finest medieval wall paintings I’ve seen for a long time.Villain Cover

But just a reminder that I have a writing blog at which gives lots of info on my writing life and the books.

I’ve just published Legend, the fourth and final book in my series The Chronicles of Robin Hood, which attempts to put the famous outlaw in something like a realistic medieval setting. All four books are now out in paperback and on Kindle.Legend (The Chronicles of Robin Hood Book 4) by [Bainbridge, John]

I’ve also written some non-fiction books on walking, including my rambling memoirs Wayfarer’s Dole and The Compleat Trespasser.

You can see a full list of the books online at:


Author: John Bainbridge

Rambler, hillwalker, stravaiger and trespasser, access campaigner. Novelist writing historical and period crime fiction.

4 thoughts on “Books and Blogs”

  1. Looking forward to your next walking post – right up my street! And I love Robin Hood! An endlessly enduring and appealing figure of legend and history. My tutor last year is a medieval historian, and he teaches a module featuring Robin Hood. There’s some fascinating stuff to explore there. Keep up the good work!

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