Signs — Public Rights of Way Explorer

Signs on public rights of way have been around since before recorded history, long before routes became ‘Public Rights of Way’. Signs first indicated the way to guide pilgrimages and the way up mountains with cairns. Routes used to take farm workers to estates and villagers to church, this is where many of our routes […]

via Signs — Public Rights of Way Explorer

Author: John Bainbridge

Rambler, hillwalker, stravaiger and trespasser, access campaigner. Novelist writing historical and period crime fiction.

8 thoughts on “Signs — Public Rights of Way Explorer”

  1. Fascinating history here, John. I’d never thought about signs much at all, but now I see how vital it is that they’re properly maintained, and that they’re another link with the middle ages and beyond. Really interesting.

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  2. A lot were never replaced after the war. But if you want to see lots look in mid-Norfolk. The Milestone Society has a great website.


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